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Ear Plugs


Ear Plugs

People use ear plugs for a variety of purposes and there are therefore several different types available.

Earplugs for Watersports

If you or your children are taking part in watersports, earplugs can protect you in a number of ways. They are effective for preventing against infections such as swimmers ear, particularly the kind that can be moulded to the ear canal to stop water finding a way in.

If you take part in watersports where your ears are exposed to cold temperatures, ear plugs can also protect you from "surfer's ear". A condition where your ear grows extra bone to protect itself and the bone eventually begins to limit your hearing.

Earplugs for Noise Reduction

If you are going to loud concerts, or are around powertools often, earplugs are also a great way to protect yourself and your family. Children's ears are especially sensitive to loud noises. Check the decibel rating to find a suitable product.

Earplugs can also be handy if you have trouble sleeping, and are a great companion when you are travelling to block out noise on flights and in other busy, loud environments.

Below you will find a few different kinds of ear plugs, including an all-natural beeswax product that will leave your ears feeling moisturised:



Protech Ear Plug Kids Silicone 6 pairs
Protech Ear Plugs help to reduce noise.


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